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Having worked closely with Bass Pro and their partners around the USA and Canada for many years, Duggan was honored to be called upon to help Bass Pro expand its unique brand to Anchorage, Alaska.

Alaska’s great outdoors was the overall design theme of The Anchorage Outpost, but in addition to nature’s beauty, Bass Pro Shops also wanted to respectfully incorporate Native Alaskan culture. To achieve the desired look, Duggan installed over 1.5 miles of fiberglass logs and 7 miles of half logs and chinking.

Another specialty touch bringing the design plan to life was the installation of an enormous Sitka Spruce log. Roughly 50 inches in diameter and 20 feet tall, the tree stands vertical, with an arched tunnel cut through the center creating a unique entry to the Fly Shop.

Duggan is adept at working with a variety of partners as demonstrated by this project. Coordinating not only with Bass Pro’s home office in Springfield Missouri, we also sourced local trades and craftsmen to ensure the project’s authenticity. One challenge unique to this project was sourcing transportation companies to seamlessly coordinate the use of planes, trains, trucks, and ships to deliver the necessary supplies to the project site. Together we created a unique product that fulfilled the vision and needs of our client.

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Bass Pro Shops


Anchorage, AK


May 16, 2019