Sanctuary Asia, Oklahoma City Zoo

Specialty Carpentry


The Oklahoma City Zoo needed to expand the habitat for Sanctuary Asia. The expansion included adding several acres of habitat, along with features for zoo visitors such as improved viewing areas, a two-level restaurant, and event venue. In addition to helping expand enclosures for the elephants, rhinos, langurs, red pandas, Duggan also worked on the food court complex, spectator pavilions, and the thematic fencing. Working at the zoo required constant diligence, ensuring the safety and health of all the animals was of the utmost importance. Duggan coordinated with onsite veterinarians to test and approve that every material was safe for both animals and visitors. Extra scrutiny was required to verify the structural integrity of the materials, particularly in the elephant and rhino enclosures.  Extra steps were necessary to protect the animals from exposure to any construction debris, food remains, and trash. Keeping the integrity of the existing theming, Duggan worked closely with the architect and a custom steel fabricator in St. Louis to duplicate 1,400 feet of historic fencing for the new winding pathway.

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Oklahoma City Zoo


Oklahoma City, OK


May 17, 2019